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'Saturday Night Fever' Transforms Abandoned Tunnel

The London venue will convert 30,000 square feet of underground railway tunnels into a disco.
 Boogie down underground this July in London.

Inspired by the 1977 film starring John Travolta, the performance space beneath London’s Waterloo Station has transformed a collection of formerly abandoned train tunnels into a scene from Saturday Night Fever.

Through July 21, this unique underground art venue space will feature screenings of the disco classic, along with food and drink vendors. The space was acquired by Actor Kevin Spacey from the BRB (Residuary) formerly the British Rail in 2010.


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It consists of almost 30,000 square feet of unused railway tunnels and has showcased a variety of innovative productions including Banksy’s UK Premiere of the documentary Exit through the Gift Shop and President Bill Clinton’s latest fundraiser with the Reuben foundation in May 2012.

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