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Shimizu claims its HQ is the world's greenest building

Shimizu used an innovative air conditioning and lighting system
 The greenest building in the world?

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Japanese contractors ShimizuCorporation have completed ‘the world’s greenest building’, which claims to emit the world’s lowest levels of CO² in the world. 

The building, which officially opened on August 1st, emits less than half (62 percent) of the average levels of CO² per year compared to ordinary buildings in Tokyo, at just 38 kg/m² of CO²per year.


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Designed as the Corporation’s headquarters, Shimizu has developed and adopted a number of technologies to reduce CO² emissions. Since Japan has few natural resources such as oil or gas, it has faced two energy crises before and therefore buildings in the country are designed to save energy.

Air conditioning systemShimizu's HQ is based in Tokyo

One representative technology adopted in the building is an air conditioning system which uses radiant heat. The system uses water-hoses which run under the ceiling boards, controlling the temperature of the ceiling board surface. This surface temperature of the boards then absorbs the heat of people working in the office through a radiant system, thus saving 30 percent of the energy which would be used by a traditional system.


The building is also lit by LED bulbs, with electricity gathered by photovoltaic (PV) panels on the outside walls, which generate 84,000 kWh of energy per year. In addition to this, Shimizu has installed window shades allowing sunlight into the office, which automatically changes angle to optimize natural light.

Emission reduction

Shuimizuis hoping that its cutting edge approaches will increase demand for ‘super- green’ buildings, as the world increases its journey towards sustainable living. By the end of 2012, Shimizu hopes to reduce emissions by a further 2 percent, following the fine-tunings of its air conditioning and lighting facilities.

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