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Three Gorges Dam Opens in China

Three Gorges Dam is the largest power station in the world by installed capacity.
 China's dam holds 42 billion tons of water.

Sluice gates at the Three Gorges, located in Tichang, China opened to release water in the dam reservoir on July 5, 2012. 

Due to floodwater from the Yangtze River, the water influx into the Three Gorges Reservoir exceeded the peak amount and reached 55,000 cubic meters per second on Thursday morning.

On July 2, state media announced that the last hydroelectric generator connected to its 32 turbines had finally come online. Construction for the China’s massive dam started eighteen years ago and has produced energy for the last nine years.


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According to reports from the International Business Times, the dam is estimated at $40 billion for construction and compensation costs for villagers who moved away from the area.

It is believed by some experts that the 42 billion tons of water behind the dam is so powerful that is has actually affected the rotation of the planet by a small degree. 

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