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Airport construction approaching turbulence

PPPs have helped emerging economies reap the benefits of airport construction, but this is in danger of becoming a short-term solution, long-term problem

Swimming against the tide of poor water-management

Better water-efficiency and cleaner use on construction sites is necessary to ensure that profits aren't washed down the drain

Cranes on the rise again

Crane companies have had to embrace new markets to survive, but as the construction sector improves a combination of new and old will leave them in an even stronger position than before

The brilliance of BIM

Increased adoption of Building Information Modelling software is leading to greater efficiency in the construction industry, from before a single brick is laid, until the time comes for demolition

Pitching NZ PPPs: Creativity vs Cost

While the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) aka Public Private Partnership (PPP) is well-established in the UK marketplace and other jurisdictions such as Canada and Australia, New Zealand is only now establishing itself as a player

Modernising the industry: biometrics and the cloud

Ollie McGovern of Simeio explores how technology is revolutionising time and attendance tracking in the construction industry

Britain's back in business

Why the UK's largest infrastructure investment since the Victorian era has Europe green with envy

Smashing the 'Sales Personality' Myth In Construction

Why Engineers Could be More Compelling than the Average Sales 'Pro' (or the Professional Bid Writer)

Building Code Digital Application builds industry trust

New digital applications that help contractors stay on top of building code regulations have been released to the benefit of the industry

New lease of life for sustainable homebuilding

Providing a unique service for housebuilders to help them build cost-effective, energy efficient homes, since launching in summer 2012 SIG360 has secured over £1m worth of contract. Andrew Orriss, Head of Business Development at SIG360, explains why the new service has seen such a positive response

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