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Apple's New Headquarters On The Fast-Track

Apple's new "doughnut" shaped headquarters in Cupertino will employ 12,000.
 Apple's New Cupertino Campus in California

One of Steve Job's last requests to build a new Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California is gaining momentum thanks to California Governor Jerry Brown's recent fast-track approval for the project.

Designed by Foster + Partners, Apple’s new “doughnut” shaped headquarters will redevelop the former Hewlett Packard campus into a 3.1 million square office building for 12,000 Apple employees, complete with underground parking and apricot orchards.

Signed into law last fall, the fast-track procedure was created to improve the job market in California. 


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Although the fast-track designation will not necessarily speed up construction, it will ease any potential litigation opposing the project during the judicial review, allowing the project to move quickly through the environmental impact report and court system.

Brown’s $100 million investment will aid the project’s mission to develop a sustainable campus, utilizing clean energy technologies, such as solar panels and fuel cells.

Prior to his death in October 2011, Jobs presented the campus development idea to Cupertino City Council, but his pitch was met with requests for a new Apple store in Cupertino and installing free city-wide WiFi.

Apple estimates breaking ground for the project in early 2013 and completing construction by 2015.


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