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eBay's Flagship Data Center To Run Off Fuel Cells

eBay's renewable energy installation in Utah will utilize Bloom Energy fuel cells
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 eBay greens its flagship data center

Tech giant eBay is renovating its flagship data center in Utah with the largest non-utility fuel cell installation in the United States. Thirty Bloom Energy fuel cells will be installed at the site, which will generate more than six megawatts of electricity annually.

The proximity of the fuel cells to the data facilities ensure that little or no power is lost in transmission lines, which typically have a percentage of degradation over long distances. 

The installation is eBay's fifth and largest foray into renewable power projects, with smaller fuel cell and solar sites at its San Jose and Denver data centers. The San Jose solar panel array was finished in 2008, and consists over more than 3,000 panels that span 60,000 square feet, generating 18 percent of energy needs for the campus.

The Bloom Energy fuel cells, which run nearly $800,000 a piece, will be powered by biogas.


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