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Highest LEED Rated Building Built in India

Bayer's new office building in Greater Noida, India earned 64 out of 69 possible points
 India raises the green building bar

In a move that will put India on the green building map, Bayer’s new 10,000 square-foot office building outside new Delhi has achieved LEED Platinum with an impressive 64 out of 69 possible points, officially making it the highest-rated LEED building in the world.

As another addition to the company’s EcoCommercial Build Program, the complex was built with efficiency and sustainability in mind. All power for the building is generated on site via photovoltaic cells. To make net-zero consumption achievable, the offices are insulated with polyurethane foam boards which lock out solar heat and reduces cooling needs by over 70 percent.


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Grey water systems, locally-sourced and recyclable materials, double-glazed windows and intelligent lighting and climate control systems also contributed to the building’s ultra-green status, with day-lighting and water harvesting components gaining points as well. The building is designed to function up to eight hours off-power without any impact on the infrastructure.

“The Platinum Award is a clear indication that the concept of ecologically sustainable building can be achieved with the right materials, regardless of whether in the developed world or in an emerging market,” said Thomas Roemer, head of the construction & building industry platform at Bayer MaterialScience. As the world’s highest-rated LEED project, Bayer’s new offices will challenge builders the world over to incorporate sustainable design into new projects. 


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