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Japanese Ad Firm Creates Off-The-Grid Eco House

The Mirai Nihon project is a peek at the possibilities of bringing together 21st century sustainable technologies
 Off-the-grid living gets a facelift

Moved by the aftermath of last year’s devastating tsunamis, Japanese advertising firm TBWA/Hakuhodo brought together more than 20 companies to design and create a fully off-the-grid residential solution that is a surprisingly innovative attempt at sustainable living.

Dubbed the Mirai Nihon project, the modestly-sized residence features an array of cutting-edge technologies and materials that have yet to reach the commercial market. Organic photovoltaic film provides much of the electrical needs for the home, working in conjunction with a Nissan Leaf electric car to produce up to 24 kW per hour. A special ceramic coating insulates the home, while a seawater purification system provides clean drinking water for the tenants inside.


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The home also features an online Home Energy Management System (HEMS) which can be operated via any computer, tablet or smartphone, allowing tenants to monitor their energy usage and home systems. Organic LED lighting and a climate-controlling nano mist generator are among the unit’s other leading-edge technologies.

Whether mere advertising stunt or a template for future commercialized models, the Mirai Nihon project does a great job of packaging sustainable technologies in a sleek, modern design that highlights the potential of green building practices and the benefits of eco-conscious living. Perhaps the home building industry could stand to harness the marketing power of some of these corporate giants to give momentum to the green agenda.

MIRAI NIHON Project from mirainihon project on Vimeo.

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