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Re-Refined Engine Oil

Helping The Construction Industry Go Green, In More Ways Than One
 The laboratory also doubles as a R&D facility  Testing ensures the highest quality motor oil  Spent engine oil is reclaimed in this closed-loop proce..

As a whole, the construction industry has taken significant strides in recent years to reduce its impact on many of America’s most pressing environmental issues-- climate change, water pollution, waste generation and depletion of natural resources –to name a few. But there are always opportunities to do more, particularly when it helps the bottom line.

Over 1.3 billion gallons of engine oil is consumed in the U.S. each year, and only 10 percent of it is re-refined. The rest of the used oil is either improperly disposed of or burned as an industrial fuel, unnecessarily wasting a reusable energy resource and severely damaging the environment.

Founded in 1929, Universal Lubricants, headquartered in Wichita, KS, is dedicated to reversing this trend. The company has become a pioneer in the science, production and deployment of recycled heavy duty lubricants. Universal Lubricants collects, refines, blends and re-distributes its own green engine oil ensuring that every quart, every gallon of its ECO ULTRA brand products are of the highest caliber for superior engine performance.

Using this product cuts fossil fuel use and lowers harmful emissions by a wide margin; the process of re-refining used oil uses up to 89% less energy than refining crude oil and produces 65% less environment-impacting emissions. Plus, conserving our oil resources lessens America’s dependence on foreign sources of supply. For every 60 quarts of re-refined heavy duty engine oils used in place of traditional lubricants, the national need to import oil is reduced by twenty-four barrels—a number that quickly adds up.

With over 2.5 trillion miles of field proven performance, ECO ULTRA has a number of benefits over competitors’ products. To highlight but a few: optimized TBN for long-term protection, reduced engine wear, extended drain intervals all leading to less oil consumption and better fuel economy. 

By using re-refined engine oils, companies have the opportunity to be part of this revolutionary “closed loop” solution and differentiate your business with two key selling points:

1. Sustainability—using recycled engine oil cuts fossil fuel use, lowers emissions and reduces environmental impact

2. Waste Neutrality—only .001% of the collected motor oil taken to Universal Lubricant’s re-refinery cannot be repurposed—everything else is recycled and reused.

Simply by making the easy, but powerful choice to use re-refined engine oil, the construction industry can help the environment, and in so doing, boost the bottom-line—frankly, the ideal win-win business scenario.

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