A Floating Tech-Startup Incubator

Blueseed's plan for visa-exempt, entrepreneurial flotillas - coming soon to the waters off Silicon Valley
 Open business ventures on the high seas

By late 2013, anarcho-capitalists and eager tech engineers may be setting sail on the high seas in a bid to dodge restrictive business laws by harboring in international waters.

A company called Blueseed is planning large, floating office complexes for 12 miles off the California coast to provide a safe haven for foreign tech talent to engage in startups that want to be anchored near the United States.


Large vessels will house hundreds of employees and offer amenities like catered food, tennis courts, entertainment and exercise zones – and of course, stellar ocean-front views.

Venture capitalists and visa-seeking non-U.S. citizens are flocking to the project for the chance to be part of a successful tech startup, with the hopes of eventually moving onto the mainland as operations grow.

While advances in telecommunication mean joint ventures across national lines are easier than ever, Blueseed believes that remote conferencing can only go so far and that true innovation happens when people can work together in one place. Unfortunately, work-visas are notoriously hard to obtain for the United States – and with most of the tech buzz being generated in Silicon Valley, Blueseed hopes to draw some of the world’s best and brightest.


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Shuttles will ferry workers back and forth from the mainland, where easier-to-obtain travel and business visas will allow 183 days of access per year – more than enough to enjoy the perks of land-locked American life before heading back to the office.

Blueseed hopes to launch its first ships by early 2014.

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