An Underwater Hotel for Dubai?

Deep Ocean Technology's luxury rooms de-morbidify the phrase 'sleeping with the fishes'
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 We can all be James Bond Super-villains, now

If Wikipedia hadn’t already verified its existence, Dubai may seem to many like some fantastical dystopian wonderland of outlandish engineering marvels – super towers, man-made islands, indoor ski resorts, and now – an underwater hotel.

Deep Ocean Technology, the ambitious startup pushing forward with the project, has designed a Water Discus Hotel with an above-water component connected via a vertical shaft with a sub-oceanic cylinder of aquarium views. 21 luxurious rooms, a dive center, and a fully-stocked bar await wealthy patrons fed up with life above the surface.


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A single Water Disc structure is planned to have over 1000 square meters of usable living area, meaning any one hotel complex (consisting of two discs) will have… well, double that. Extreme changes in environmental conditions, or just general boredom with the local marine life, can precipitate a move of the entire structure to bluer waters.

The upper deck of the hotel comes with a built in helipad so that air taxis of the one percent can easily drop off and pick up their super-rich clientele. And just in case a hoard of Occupiers somehow manage to swim their homemade signs on board, fret not, o’ ye privileged – the hotel comes equipped with an underwater airlock for casual dives and/or clandestine escapes from mobs of the dispossessed.

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