ClearFit Makes Hiring the Right Person Easy

Ben Baldwin, President of ClearFit, divulges how the company's online application helps construction companies find and hire the right employees
 ClearFit's hiring solution was designed for smbs

ClearFit is an online application helping construction companies find better employees. 
It provides a single place where employers can go, receive job applicants, and instantly see which candidates are statistically most likely to succeed.

As the only online hiring solution that utilizes both behavioral science and data analysis to accurately predict employee fit and success, this fast-growing company has helped over 4,500 companies find employees.

ClearFit is so confident in the competence of its hiring solution that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to a free 30-day trial.

“Hiring is broken as turnover and retention haven’t really improved in the last 30 years. Every year, $60 billion dollars are spent by North American small and medium-sized businesses on hiring.

“It is those first few steps in hiring people that is hard to get right, so we specialize in making sure that anybody can get those first few steps of the process really nailed down so they feel confident and empowered while hiring,” explains Ben Baldwin, co-founder and President of ClearFit.

Baldwin went on to explain ClearFit’s “productized” approach to hiring, which combines the company’s significant hiring and industry experience with its patented data analysis software to predict applicants’ suitability and success in a specific company.

Clients first sign up online, and then work with a “hiring coach” to define who and what the company is looking for. After this, in one spot, ClearFit’s system gathers job applicants and instantly predicts which ones will be successful – 5 times more accurately than traditional hiring. Alongside this prediction, ClearFit presents employers with comprehensive information about their job applicants, including resumes, experience, background, skills, knowledge, motivation and cultural fit.

“It’s not just a software company offering their product and putting a construction name on it, we actually care about construction and have built a solution that fits the needs of construction companies. With partners like, we are able to find candidates while our patented software uses data analysis to predict employment success five times better than traditional hiring,” explains Baldwin.

“When you get the hiring process aligned properly with the right information at the right times, the product of that is that the person doing the hiring ends up having a much more positive experience. Smart hiring saves time and money because it is easier to manage someone if they are coming from the right place and employers can spend more time improving performance and generating revenue rather than managing bad performers,” explains Baldwin.

ClearFit is growing by about 50 percent per month as more business owners discover the benefits of using the company’s simple and effective hiring solution.

Try ClearFit’s free 30 day trial to experience the ease and convenience of hiring the smart way.

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