Compact Telehandler Digs Up Better Solution

For AquaProof Inc, excavation projects are far more efficient with the adoption of a compact telescopic handler
 A compact telehandler speeds up excavation

Written by Jessica Simpson

Danny Manley, owner and president of AquaProof, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, used to spend three days and hundreds of dollars hauling loads of dirt and concrete to the dump. Today, Manley’s compact telehandler allows the AquaProof crew to load bigger trucks in less time, saving money and hours of labor.

AquaProof performs basement waterproofing, drainage work and foundation and structural repair for both residential and commercial properties. AquaProof combines interior and exterior waterproofing techniques to repair damaged foundations and water-logged yards.

However, the mess this process can leave behind is considerable. On an interior waterproofing job, excavated material must be hauled out of a basement by hand and transported back to the shop for temporary storage. Clients end up with a clean, leak-free home, while Manley and his employees are faced with mountains of rubble at their shop.

Until recently, Manley and his crew used a skid steer to load the excess material into trucks to be taken to the dump. Sometimes the process would take up to three days, becoming excessively costly and time consuming. They had to drive the skid steer up a ramp to reach the truck beds. When the trucks were filled, they had to be unloaded at the dump and driven back to repeat the process. This got expensive, with Manley paying for employee wages, vehicle fuel and a $35 dump fee every single time. By the fifty-seventh load, Manley’s expenses were in the thousands of dollars..

Seeking a better solution, Manley worked closely with JCB dealer MH Equipment in Cincinnati, Ohio to explore machinery options. His MH representative asked if Manley would be willing to try a JCB 524-50 compact telehandler. Manley demoed the machine in his shop and was immediately convinced of its advantages.   

The telehandler gives AquaProof the ability to haul away all the excess material in six hours instead of three days. The 85-horsepower telehandler’s 5,000-pound load capacity and 18.6 mph speed shave hours off of the loading time. Its 17’4” lift height eliminates the need for a ramp, enabling the crew to load bigger trucks instead of Manley’s personal trucks. The larger trucks, which belong to the dump, each hold the equivalent of three loads in one of Manley’s. The dump only charges $15 per load in their trucks. In one day, Manley can save $2,500 to $3,000.

“I save time by loading materials in the telehandler, because it’s a lot faster than using my skid loader,” Manley says. “It saves wear and tear on my vehicles, and I only need one man on the job instead of three. I can also use it to load trucks with supplies for the job site.”

The versatility and maneuverability of Manley’s telescopic handler have made a difference in his bottom line—a true example of how important it is for contractors to look beyond the “normal” equipment. “I figure the machine will pay for itself in a little less than three years,” Manley says. “It truly helps me get more done, and in any business, time means money.”

Jessica Simpson is a public relations writer for Swanson Russell, a marketing communications firm in Lincoln, Neb.

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