Explosion Hits Government Buildings in Oslo

Bomb strikes multiple government buildings in Oslo, killing one
  Explosions hit Oslo government buildings

OSLO, NORWAY—An explosion struck multiple government buildings in the capital of Norway during mid-afternoon on Friday, leading to several injuries and possibly one death. The aftermath of the explosion was devastating for the government sector of Oslo, as there were buildings on fire, windows were blown out, and bystanders lay bleeding in the streets outside.

"There has been a bomb explosion in the government area,” said a spokesman for the Oslo police department. “At least one person is dead, and a number of people are injured. We don't have the exact number yet.”

A representative for the Oslo University Hospital confirmed that seven patients were being treated for wounds and that they expected that number to rise as the day went on.”

"I am not aware whether they are major or minor injuries,” said the hospital spokesperson. “We have spoken to the other hospitals in Oslo, and in total, we are sending 22 ambulances and five helicopters."

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According to Linda Reinholdsen, a reporter for Norwegian state television NRK, one explosion occurred near the Prime Minister’s office. However, it has been confirmed that Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was not in his office at the time and was not among those injured in the blasts. It was reported that the Oil Ministry building also received significant damage, and was covered in flames .

The cause of the explosion remains unknown, but state authorities haven’t ruled out a man-made bomb. At this point details are still sketchy, and there have been several conflicting reports about whether a second explosion occurred after the initial blast.

"We don't know if this comes from a terrorist action; we don't know yet,” said the Oslo police spokesman. “We don't know exactly how many explosions (there) were yet. Oslo center has been evacuated."

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