Life Edited: The Swiss Army Apartment

The Life Edited project smartly designs 21st century living into a 420 square foot apartment
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 Editing out the unnecessary

In a world looking for green, sustainable alternatives to lifestyles inundated with 'stuff,' sometimes the answer is not simply scaling down, but designing intelligently. In 2009, TreeHugger founder Graham Hill set out to transform his 420 square foot apartment into a modern day luxury living center, complete with dining space for ten guests, spare rooms, an office, complete kitchen and bath, and even a movie theater. To pull it off, he crowd-sourced the space to designers from around the world, asking how to get more from less.

The result is something like the Swiss Army Knife of apartments - smart, multifunctional designs allow every facet of the home to be hidden and stored away when not in use, with many elements sharing the same space until they are needed. A foldout bedroom, movable wall with stored guests sleeping bunks, roll down movie projector and collapsible office are just some of the intelligent amenities that allow Hill to entertain, relax, and enjoy every square foot of his modestly sized living space.

With smaller square footage comes drastic cuts to property costs and utilities - not to mention the mental satisfaction of removing unnecessary clutter from daily living. The Life Edited Project is an innovative and inspiring look at the possibilities of intelligent design meeting green building practices, and a fresh look at how we can achieve a more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing the bits of 21st century living we've come to love.

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