The Demolition Industry: Stop This Serial Killer

Contributor Mark Anthony speaks to the dangerous lack of safety regulations in the demolition industry
 Demolition is an unnecessarily dangerous industry

Written by Mark Anthony

During the period from April 1888 to February 1891, an unknown killer stalked London’s East End, mercilessly slaughtering at least five victims.   Despite numerous investigations at the time and in the 100+ years since, the perpetrator was never caught or prosecuted.   But the name ascribed to him – Jack the Ripper – has echoed down the ages and has been the subject of countless books and movies ever since.

That infamy came a result of five deaths in a near three year period that will be forever remembered for the tragic demise of the Ripper’s innocent victims.

So will the same be true of the US demolition industry’s killing of four equally innocent individuals in a single 24 hour period earlier this week?

Of course, no-one is suggesting that the US demolition sector is actively seeking to harm its workers or those living close by.   And no-one is suggesting that the premeditated actions of a maniac in Victorian London can be compared to industrial accidents.

However, for the families, friends and colleagues of the four people killed in the US demolition business this week, the result is just the same: their loved ones left for work and never made it home.

By their very nature, accidents will happen; and anyone claiming that they can eradicate 100% of accidents is delusional.   But for a supposedly health and safety-minded industry sector to allow four of its number to die in a single day is nothing short of scandalous.  

A serial killer is defined as someone who kills three or more people.  By that arbitrary measure, the US demolition industry has unwillingly but assuredly earned itself a most unwelcome epithet.

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