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Calabasas Public Works Welcomes You Home, in Construction Digital

As Discussed in Construction Digital, Calabasas Public Works has Established itself as a Trendsetter to Surrounding Communities
 City of Calabasas - Public Works Welcome You Home

In a report in Construction Digital, Director of Public Works and City Engineer Robert Yalda discusses how Calabasas Public Works improves residents’ lives.

Entering the City of Calabasas, drivers are welcomed by a sign reading, “Welcome Home. Slow Down.” The small community of 20,000 residents, located directly north of Los Angeles, is a place offering respite. The sign not only instills a sense of community, but acts as a reminder that Calabasas is different from the big city, a place where a slower approach to life is important.

“I’m raising my family here as well,” says Director of Public Works and City Engineer Robert Yalda. “So it is home to me, not just a job.”

Initial projects to lend the City a sense of continuity and uniqueness took the shape of new street signs featuring the City’s emblem, a Red-tailed Hawk. Numbered plaques were installed alongside curbs to promote a feeling of cohesiveness. These small touches drew attention from surrounding cities, who noticed the resulting sense of a close-knit community in Calabasas’ residents.

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About Calabasas Public Works

Established in 1991, Calabasas is a young city with an equally new and energetic Public Works Department. Engaging with the community and improving residents’ lives are integral components of Calabasas Public Work’s day-to-day operations.

Calabasas Public Works, responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of public facilities and infrastructure within the City of Calabasas, is comprised of different divisions responsible for various activities.


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