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EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - May 4, 2012) - Passion. Professionalism. Shared success. All terms used to describe the reason Edmonton independent REALTOR Kathy Schmidt, of Schmidt Realty, has been awarded REALTOR of the Year by the REALTORS Association of Edmonton. The highest honour in the real estate industry, it has only been awarded to a woman six times in the past twenty years, and only once to an independent female broker! As a 19 year veteran of the real estate industry, Schmidt entered the industry with the intention of 'raising the bar' and thanks the REALTORS Association of Edmonton for the acknowledgement of this goal being attained.

"The public hasn't always had the best opinion of the real estate profession,' admits Schmidt, "And perhaps that's been warranted in the past. My goal was to come into the market and offer my clients an incredible level of care and service. Because of that, it (the REALTOR of the Year award) means so much to me it's hard to express. More than anything, it's the affirmation/acknowledgement from my peers that is so meaningful and humbling."


Known as the 'broker lady' rather than 'boss' to her Schmidt Realty comrades, her success is something she attributes to her team and reminds them frequently that her award is a shared reminder of their combined efforts. Schmidt says, "If each of them wasn't out there every day working hard to contribute to their clients' lives and to their community and living up to the same high standards, then I surely wouldn't have my name on the Realtor of the Year award." 

Schmidt Realty is focused on setting the highest standards in the profession and holding themselves accountable to those standards. Schmidt believes that work should play a part in fulfilling a purpose in the world and that we each have opportunities to impact others every minute of the day. Teams are organized into pods to help encourage healthy life/work balance, encourage vacation time usage and ensure that clients receive consistently excellent, genuine service even when their own REALTOR is unavailable. 

In addition, the firm employs a unique 6 step hiring process where potential team members meet and interact with everyone on all levels of Schmidt Realty, so REALTOR applicants get a taste of the high standards and success that Schmidt is now famous for.

Albert Einstein said it best: 'Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value,' which is a motto that this team lives by.

"The truth is there are a lot of people in my profession that I feel are so deserving of this same award, they work hard for their clients every day. They contribute to the lives of others. They give back to their profession. It makes me wonder 'why me?' but that doesn't mean I'm going to relinquish my tiara just yet!" laughs Schmidt.

About Schmidt

Schmidt Realty is an independent boutique real estate firm in Edmonton with over 100 (!) combined years of professional REALTOR experience. Focused on providing genuine value and service to buyers and sellers alike, Schmidt strives to provide clients with the confidence to make smart choices. In 2011, sellers who chose Schmidt Realty Group sold 42.5% faster than the Realtor Association of Edmonton published results (median days on market). Last year, 81% of Schmidt business came from referrals, past clients and people who already know and trust the firm.

*Watch for another announcement in July from Schmidt - important to the community and the real estate industry alike*

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