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Active participant in the growing Brazilian energy sector, the group offers solutions to new challenges and still improves peoples' lives

With a full  résumé  of work completed throughout Brazil and around the world, Intertechne Consultants are about to finalize 25 years of experience in engineering services ranging from construction management to large infrastructure projects and hydroelectric power plants .


The Company’s history illustrates overcoming certain challenges.  Intertechne participated in relevant projects such as the hydroelectric power plant of Salto Caxias, in Parana, opened in 1999, which was a milestone in construction with roller-compacted concrete, and Irapé. The latter opened in 2006 in Minas Gerais and has the highest dam in Brazil and one of the highest in the world, at 208 meters. Abroad, the El Cajon hydroelectric plant in Mexico, which began operations in 2007, is an icon.

Simultaneously with the projects in the energy area, ​​ it also operates in other segments of infrastructure.  Intertechne is responsible for designing two stations on Line 4 of Sao Paulo’s subway, which has opened up stretches that reach the Pinheiros Station. It also worked on the integration of the catwalk at the Marginal do Rio Pinheiros and the extension of the Pinheiros Station of the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Trains Company (CPTM).

All these jobs led to the integration of Metro Line 4 to Line 9 of CPTM. "In São Paulo, the works of engineering with the subway allowed a greater connection between people. Using engineering to enhance the well being and mobility of cities is within the mission of Intertechne,” says company CEO Fernando Krempel.

In this same segment, Intertechne currently performs the basic design of the second batch of Line 6 of São Paulo Metro and supervises the work of the project of Metro Line 4 in Rio de Janeiro, and also supervises the Railway Project PCR (Potassium Colorado River), in Argentina.


Hydroelectric projects account for three quarters of the area where the company operates. If we consider the total capacity of projects where the company is involved, Intertechne has direct participation in more than 80 percent of new power generation in the country.

"Brazil has a total capacity installed of 118 megawatts (MW) when we gather all our sources (thermal, hydro, nuclear, wind, etc.). The Belo Monte Dam alone will represent, when put into operation, about 10 percent of this power." says Fernando Krempel.

Additionally, the company is involved in about a dozen projects, including some covering almost all Latin America, and also has presence in Africa, with projects in Mozambique and Angola.

If it is true as they say that the history of civilization is the history of engineering, Intertechne will certainly be included in the books. In 2011 the company launched three major projects: Belo Monte, in Pará (11,233 MW), Teles Pires (1,800 MW), in Mato Grosso, and Chaglla, in Peru (456 MW). Simultaneously, the company also participates in other projects such as Estreito (1,087 MW), in Tocantins, and Jirau (3,750 MW) in Rondônia, and is in the final phase of the Santo Antônio plant (3,150 MW), also in Rondônia.

Belo Monte is undoubtedly the main challenge for the professionals at Intertechne. The plant will be built in the Xingu River, and when it starts working, it will be the third largest plant in the world and the largest entirely Brazilian hydroelectric plant.  Intertechne leads the group of designers responsible for the project.  Belo Monte is expected to begin operating in 2016.

However, Intertechne is not stopping there. Brazil is the third largest country in the world in energy potential, trailing only the United States and Canada. The country is also the fourth largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world and still uses only a third of its potential. According to the company's CEO, Fernando Krempel, "the Amazon region still has quite a substantial potential to develop."


As a consulting firm, the company's main investments are in technology and qualified personnel. Annually, 2 percent of the revenue is earmarked for the area of ​​technological development. All projects are developed in Intertechne three-dimensional models. One of the 30 largest engineering companies in the country, Intertechne currently employs 482 employees in Brazil and abroad, 383 of which are headquartered in Curitiba.


The commitment to the environment is reflected in the management performed before, during and after the works. The concern of the company with quality procedures is already a tradition. The company's focus is on developing environmentally optimized engineering solutions that generates a constant search for alternative techniques that represent this commitment to the environment through reducing environmental impacts, and society. Thus, the company performs comprehensive evaluation studies and environmental impact studies in order to enable analysis of the region where the project will be installed, to define mitigation actions. The company is certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 since September 2009, which is in line with international standards for environmental management.

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