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Hope Construction Materials launches Apprenticeship Academy

Four apprentices will be given the opportunity for flexible development throughout the business and a chance to enter the industry at a buoyant time

Augmented reality app gives users BIM interaction

The application created by Severn Partnership which enables users to interact with 3D models via their tablet device will be showcased at the GEO Business Show

Innovative construction platform sets new efficiency standard

Founder John Vanker explains how the Prescient solution is taking advantage of standardisation integrate the various processes involved in a build and drive efficiency

Intuit updates its useful Trends widget

Users can compare their company's performance with that of the wider market and view an interactive map with state-by-state data including sales growth, net profit margin, income and expense

Equipment provider Speedy Services celebrates outstanding construction suppliers

The Speedy Supplier Awards 2014 honoured companies in ten categories, including health and safety, environmental, specialist supplier and innovation

Survey reveals construction software desires of contractors

Software Advice spoke to thousands of buyers evaluating new construction software, finding that most invested in new programming to improve efficiency

Taking Building Information Modelling (BIM) mobile

Iain Miskimmin, Industry Consultant, Bentley Systems and Director of Technology at Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT (COMIT), outlines the challenges that continue to face construction companies' mobile technology adoption and offers guidance on the best way to achieve true end-to-end asset visibility

The benefits of big data for the construction industry

The industry is a big business with storage needs to match, and it is time to reap the benefits of big data applications

Fieldwire app taps into the mobile boom

The founders are taking advantage of the mobile boom to fill the gap in software for daily field operations and improve collaboration efficiency and task management on site

BIM and its effects on the construction industry

A construction management company discusses the future of Building Information Modelling, looking at the new government targets and what the technology holds for the sector

Behind the scenes at an asphalt plant

It is one of the most versatile and cost-effective paving materials used today, but where does it come from and what goes into the formation of this building product? Chris Miller investigates

Bringing reliable Wi-Fi to the construction site

Washington-based contractor Bayley Construction is the first to deploy a private broadband wireless network from OpenRoute, establishing a Lean construction environment

Steel reinforcements get new concrete protection

MCI®-2012 IntegraPel protects steel reinforcements in concrete structures by reducing the intrusion of corroisive species

Clever case makes tablets wearable and functional

Strotter 'Across' users can flip open the leather case to form an instant desk they can type on with both hands while standing

Rubbeco completes six-figure BBC project

The Worcestershire-based company used its innovative Rubbeco Seamless Rubber Membrane system to good effect in the £335,000 project for the national broadcasting corporation

Materials and equipment costs rise in January

Prices rose for the North American construction industry in January as pricing for carbon steel pipe and fabrications increased for the first time in eight months

Nitto introduces energy-saving PENJEREX to US

The company has launched a new transparent energy-saving window insulation film to the US Market in a bid to satisfy the requirement for enhanced energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in the housing industry

BIM: business enabler or technology red herring?

Neville Glanville, Industry Sales Director at Bentley Systems, argues that understanding BIM is a business process not a technology is key to unlocking its potential

ExakTime introduces ClockPoint Connect

The browser-based time clock provides a quick and convenient way to clock in on a PC, and stores data securely in the cloud

Initial BIM costs give way to long-term savings

Although the introductory financial outlay on IT and training is off-putting, companies must think long-term to save money through Building Information Modelling, says DSG Quantity Surveyors

Home Depot Pro app review

The Home Depot Pro app is a new tool designed specifically with building and contracting professionals in mind

Accurate forecasting: steps to success

Construction forecasting is an art rather than a science. Find out how you can find all the facts to eliminate the guesswork

KSA consultancy advises 2014 strategy review

The building products consultants says suppliers should not just plan growth in line with a buoyant housing market, but look ahead to the eventual plateau

Gypsum recyclable throughout plasterboard lifecycle

Sustainability considerations continue to play a significant role in the specification of construction materials, but much of the focus remains on their recycled content rather than their potential end-of-life recyclability, says Steve Hemmings, Head of EHS and Sustainability at plasterboard manufacturer Siniat.

Buying building materials without breaking the bank

Tina Samuels advises on how to make significant savings on construction materials without compromising on quality

ExakTime introduces TimeSummit update

Version 1.4 of time-tracking software adds three standout features to ensure employees hours are followed accurately and efficiently

Shell's top tips for getting the most out of equipment

Devising a solid maintenance plan can save builders time and money when it comes to ensuring their equipment is ready and able to do the job

Dynamic balancing valves making buildings greener

Precise control can lead to a 50 percent saving on the energy consumed by a circulating pump, and a large reduction in energy bills

Building with recycled materials

From coal fly ash to tire scraps, the construction world and the eco-friendly world are uniting to make everyone's environment a healthier place

How the property market affects supporting industries

The impact of the recession on the property market has been substantial, and with less construction comes less work for industries that rely on the construction sector. As the market recovers, businesses like PPE equipment providers look set to reap the benefit

How to lower jobsite costs

Construction is an expensive process; but it needn't drain a contractor's pockets as much as it often can, says Tina Samuels

Are your construction products harming health?

Tina Samuels identifies the biggest potential health risks to workers on a construction site, and how they can be avoided

Going green in construction

As it embraces efficient new techniques and cleaner materials, the industry has an important role to play in the 'green movement' says Brian Neese

Cranes on the rise again

Crane companies have had to embrace new markets to survive, but as the construction sector improves a combination of new and old will leave them in an even stronger position than before

The brilliance of BIM

Increased adoption of Building Information Modelling software is leading to greater efficiency in the construction industry, from before a single brick is laid, until the time comes for demolition

Bricks and blocks trend triggers strategic questions

The increase in demand for bricks and blocks should serve as a trigger for building products organisations to review their customer relationship and sales strategies, says Carol Kelly, of KSA Sales Solutions.

How can a construction database benefit your business?

A database of pre-qualified suppliers can reduce risk and save time and money for the procurement team.

The importance of an organised work vehicle

How the right products in your van can easily help you to create a more efficient work environment, and present a more professional appearance to clients

STRABAG lands new international orders worth over €230m

Austrian construction firm enjoys international success with capture of four major projects in Asia

World's biggest hydraulic press gets Shell treatment

Shell's growing lubricant business in China gets another boost after working on the world's largest hydraulic machine

World's biggest hydraulic press gets Shell treatment

Shell's growing lubricant business in China gets another boost after working on the world's largest hydraulic machine

BIM: a new way of working

By 2016, all public projects, regardless of their size, will be required to use Building Information Modelling (BIM); a method of incorporating all the important information about a building to create one digital model

Tokyo Tech unveils new nanostructure construction solution

Scientists at Tokyo Tech have developed a new self-assembled nanostructure that can survive very hot or saline environments

Tradepoint launches new website with accesibility in mind

A new Trade Point website has been launched with the express intention of making it easier to source and procure products for contractors

EllisDon shows commitment to 'green' with new EMS

One of Canada's key construction employers demonstrates its zeal for environmental excellence by rolling out a new EMS

Hans Wildeboer of Shell Petroleum: Q&A

Shell's product application specialist Hans Wildeboer talks products, progress and procedures with Construction Digital

It's Time for Timber

Wood is back on Britain's building agenda after Hackney council followed Europe's lead in introducing timber in its sustainable project policy

Kebony wins 'responsible product' 2013

Timber technicians Kebony have gotten off to a bang in 2013 by securing a coveted industry award

U.S. safety App winner announced

The U.S. Department of Labor has selected the winners of its health and safety mobile app competition for the construction industry

Timescales Slashed by Siltbuster HD Unit

One of our first examples of cutting edge technology we have featured this year, Siltbuster HD is described as revolutionary

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