LAUSD Enlists Top Architects to Design Green School Classrooms

 LAUSD Enlists Top Architects to Design Green School Cla..  LAUSD Enlists Top Architects to Design Green School Cla..  LAUSD Enlists Top Architects to Design Green School Cla..

California is leading the country in green schools. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), one of the largest in North America, has launched a large-scale campus improvement effort to accommodate the growing student population. According to Good, LAUSD has enlisted the help of Hodgetts + Fung, Swift Lee Office and Gonzalez Goodale—all Los Angeles-based architectural firms—to design temporary green school classrooms that are as sustainable as they are functional.

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The pre-fabricated green school classrooms feature natural light and ventilation, vertical gardens, solar panels and are made with sustainable materials. In addition to being a green alternative to traditional classrooms, the green elements in these affordable modulars also improve the productivity of the students and create hands-on learning scenarios. The green school classroom kits are assembled on-site, quickly and easily and cost anywhere from $270 to $400 per square foot.

Gonzalez Goodale has worked on several projects for LAUSD including the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools and the Early Childhood Education Center and Glassell Park Housing Project.

M Space
, a leading provider of modular buildings, designed the sustainable P. IQ classroom to meet the needs of expanding school districts. The modular green school classrooms, which are pre-approved by the California Division of State Architecture, offer savings of 15-25 percent in cost. Additionally, they can be completed in four to six months.

M Space’s P. IQ classrooms feature low and zero VOC materials, recycled steel and insulation, natural daylighting, Thermal Displacement Ventilation HVAC system and energy-saving lighting controls. Thermal Displacement Ventilation (TDV) HVAC improves air quality and regulates heating and cooling, while using up to 40 percent less energy than the traditional mixed ventilation unit. To save even more money, solar panels can be incorporated into the design.

Source: Good, M Space

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