Saudi Arabia will invest US$400 billion into infrastructure projects. Recently, the Kingdom has outlined its 20 year transportation development plan in Mecca (Makkah, Islam’s holiest city) as well as a $8.6 million bridge contract. Transportation an planning experts, engineers and architects will convene in Saudi Arabia at the end of next March to discuss the development of future projects in the Kingdom at Bridges Saudi Arabia and form the requisite partnerships.

The investment comes on the heels of increasing demand for power and utilities. Additionally, the country’s existing transportation infrastructure is in need of an overhaul. Projects are designed to improve the efficiency and quality of the cities in the Kingdom and allow easy access to the cities from the surrounding areas.

The Kingdom is the latest country to invest a significant amount of money into infrastructure projects. This week, the United Kingdom revealed a £200 billion National Infrastructure Plan designed to improve the entire infrastructure of the country, from roads to water to technology. A month ago, U.S. President Barack Obama unveiled plans to invest $50 billion in infrastructure. Governments are beginning to invest in infrastructure to boost the ailing economies, create jobs in the construction and manufacturing sectors and provide the necessary improvements to often antiquated infrastructure systems. As more people begin to repopulate urban areas from the suburbs, the infrastructure must be revamped or established to accommodate the additional strain.

Some proposed projects in Saudi Arabia include the Sheikh Zayed Bridge and case studies in Mahbas Al-Jin and Jeddah.

Source: IQPC Middle East

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