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World's Funkiest Hotels

Though they offer luxury, these hotels are a far cry from the norm
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#10 Hotel Silken Puerta América: Madrid, Spain

Located in Madrid, the Hotel Silken Puerta América is a 5 Star Luxury hotel with a twist—each of the floors features a unique design intended to stimulate the senses through innovative materials, shapes and color palettes. Nineteen architecture and design studios—including Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster—came together to design the hotel, which sets the bar for creativity and innovation.


  • 5 star luxury hotel
  • Architects include Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster
  • Rate: $163/night

#9 Das Parkhotel: Ottensheim, Austria

For those who have always wanted to stay in a refurbished sewer pipe—and really, who hasn’t?—you’re in luck! Designed by Andreas Strauss, Das Parkhotel, near Essen Austria, provides busy travelers a unique place to stay. Aside from the rooms themselves, what makes the hotel unique is its payment system, in which guests pay whatever they wish to stay in the tube.


  • Rooms are refurbished sewer pipes
  • Designed by Andreas Strauss
  • Rate: pay as you wish

#8 Jumbo Jet Hotel: Arlanda, Sweden

Going to Sweden and have the urge to stay in a vintage converted 747? The Jumbo Jet hotel features over 27 rooms, including suites and hostel-style rooms to accommodate travelers on a budget. Additionally, the first class lounge has been refurbished into a conference space for up to eight people.


  • 27 rooms available
  • First class lounge sleeps eight
  • Rate: $76/night

#7 Lifeboat Hotel: Harlingen, Netherlands

The Lilla Marras, a decommissioned lifeboat, has gone from saving lives to providing accommodations for couples seeking to get away from it all. Guests can order a private captain for a two-hour trip, while they enjoy the luxurious amenities and beautiful surroundings. 


  • Hotel is a decommissioned lifeboat
  • Two-hour tour sold separately
  • Rate: $327/night

#6  Molja Lighthouse: Aalesund, Norway

Unwind in a historic landmark. Molja Lighthouse, also known as Room 47of Hotel Brosundet, is a historic landmark and serves as the entrance to Ålesund. Though the room is only three feet in diameter, it does encompass two floors. Enjoy luxury in your own private lighthouse.


  • Historic Landmark
  • Room size: 3ft in diameter
  • Rate: $228/night

#5 Palacio de Sal: Uyuni, Bolivia

Salt is the primary building materials of the Palacio de Sal, touted as the first salt hotel in the world. Not only is everything—the walls, ceilings and much of the furniture—made of salt, many of meals feature it as well. Though made of salt, the hotel offers guests a comfortable experience with 16 rooms, a private bath, solarium and electricity.


  • Made entirely of salt
  • 16 rooms
  • Rate: $95/night

#4 Utter Inn: Västerås, Sweden

Part art installation, part lodging, the Utter (“Otter”) Inn consists of a single room about 3 meters below the surface of Lake Mälaren. Once guests are dropped off 1 kilometer from shore and given an inflatable boat, they can relax on the small deck of the vessel or go down below to view the world underwater through panoramic windows. 


  • Single Room, 3 meters below Lake Mälaren
  • Guests given an inflatable raft upon check-in
  • Rate: $120/night

#3 Propeller Island City Lodge: Berlin, Germany

Designed by the German artist Lars Stroschen, the 30 room Propeller Island City Lodge features one-of-a-kind furnishings. Guests stay in a living work of art, as their every move changes some element of the hotel. The room’s décor embodies its name, which include Grandma’s, the Padded Cell, Landscapes, and Chicken Curry.


  • 30 one-of-a-kind-rooms
  • Stay in a Padded Cell or in Chicken Curry
  • Rate: vary by room


#2 The Ritz-Carlton, International Commerce Center: Hong Kong

Who wouldn’t want to stay at the tallest hotel in Asia? Located in the International Commerce Center, the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong features panoramic views of Hong Kong, in addition to luxury rooms and suites, restaurants and meeting spaces.  The ICC will also feature the W Hong Kong, the brand’s debut hotel in China.


  • Tallest hotel in Asia
  • Luxury rooms and suites available
  • Rate: US$650/night

#1 IceHotel: Sweden

Every November, work begins on IceHotel, the largest hotel built from snow and ice, from both the sky and the Torne River. Located over 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, IceHotel consists of over 60 rooms once it is finished, many of which feature themes developed by design teams from around the globe. This year’s designers include Natsuki Munakata, Paco Aquilar, Alessandro Falca, Nina Hedman and Ben Rosseau.

According to the IceHotel website, “It is not only a hotel we build each winter, it is an ephemeral art project.” The IceHotel Art & Design Group sprays snow into the steel forms. Once the snow freezes, the forms are removed and the shell of the hotel remains.

In a given season, thousands of guests stay at the hotel, which also features a main hall and the Absolut® IceBar. Once the spring comes, the hotel melts, the water returning to the Torne River.


  • Largest hotel built form snow and ice
  • 200 km north of the Arctic Circle
  • Themed rooms designed by different designers
  • Opens every November
  • Rate: Varies
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