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Building Collapse in Beirut Kills Dozens

At least 27 people have been killed after an apartment complex collapsed on Tuesday
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 At least 27 have been confirmed dead

A six-story housing unit, home to over 50 people, collapsed in the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, killing at least 27 and leaving dozens more injured.

Tenants noticed small debris falling from the building in the evening – then, larger stones began to break away. Within minutes, the complex had completely disintegrated.

The building was in bad shape, and residents say the owner had warned tenants not to remain on the property shortly before the collapse. Some speculate that heavy rains may have contributed to the incident.


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Illegal and under-code buildings are not uncommon in the area, and the head of Beirut municipality Bilal Hamad urged residents to report any worrisome complexes to authorities, as teams of experts would begin surveying other buildings in the region.

The government has promised compensation of 30 million Lebanese pounds, or $20,000 dollars, to families of victims and other residents of the complex.

The search for survivors continues

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