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Daredevil Workers Suspended 1,000 feet above NYC

Construction crews at the height of their careers
 One World Trade Center

Construction crews at One World Trade Center are working at “vertigo-inducing heights” above New York City to install concrete casing around the steel rivets.

Recent  photos by Daily Mail showcase multiple teams suspended by a crane from the 93rd floor. Mind bending views from the tallest skyscraper in the city extend out across Manhattan Island all the way to the Empire State Building.

The $3.8 billion tower is expected to reach 1,368 feet this month, with the remaining 408-foot-tall telecommunications spire to begin construction later this summer.

According to the report, the formerly called Freedom Tower, located at the northwest corner of the original WTC site, is being constructed according to a revised design that was finalized in June 2005.


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Inspired by the Statue of Liberty’s torch, the 408-feet-tall mast will taper into eight stretched isosceles triangles to form a center octagon. The structure will also include an observation on the 105th floor and a square glass parapet at the original height of the Twin Towers - destroyed in the terrorist attacks of 2001.

The Port Authority estimates the tower to be completed and open to the public by the end of 2013.

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