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FCF: Melbourne's Pixel Building

Melbourne's Pixel Building makes the top ten ugliest list
 Friday Construction FAIL

The Pixel Building in Australia is a monument to sustainable building practices - boasting maximum Greenstar ratings, carbon neutrality, water self-sustainability, LEED Platinum certification, tracking and fixed photovoltaic paneling, wind turbines, pixelcrete environmental concrete, and an anaerobic digester, the facility is a deep 'forest green' in comparison to the industry's typical 'seafoam green' buildings.

Just one problem - it's really, really ugly.

The ultra-sustainable facility is shrouded in in shards of brightly colored, glass-like architectural travesties, prompting Reuters to place it firmly among the ten ugliest buildings in the world.

Why does this matter? The eyesore of a facade undermines the building's truly masterful sustainable design and implementation, and perpetuates the public's misguided portrayal of advanced, eco-friendly building design as necessarily tacky, painfully modernist, or impractical. To truly ignite the green building movement, we will need more projects with sustainability of the caliber of the Pixel Building, with architectural designs that draw in and inspire the public - not ones that illicit head shakes.


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