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FCF: US Slams Chinese Solar Imports With Tariffs

Solar tariffs threaten the growing installation industry in the United States
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The Obama Administration has decided to force an over 30 percent tariff on affordable solar imports from China, in a move that threatens the growing solar installation industry in the United states.

From the Associated Press:

The Obama administration moved Thursday to impose stiff new tariffs on solar panels made in China, finding that Chinese companies are improperly flooding the U.S. market with government-subsidized products.

The Commerce Department said Chinese producers had dumped solar cells and panels in the United States at margins ranging from 31 percent to nearly 250 percent. If the preliminary ruling is upheld, tariffs averaging 31 percent could be imposed on Chinese solar-panel imports.

The tariffs would be in addition to fees ranging from 2.9 percent to 4.73 percent imposed in March after the department found that China is improperly subsidizing its solar manufacturers.

While the move is motivated by a desire to encourage solar production and manufacturing on the U.S. mainland, the immediate effect will be a decrease in sales to homeowners and businesses looking for cost-effective ways to find alternative, sustainable energy sources.

Instead, the millions made from these tariffs will inevitably go towards the billions in subsidies given to oil, gas, and nuclear power companies every year by the United States, further dissuading the move to green, clean power.

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