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First Nuclear Power Plant Coming to Southeast Asia in Vietnam

Construction of Southeast Asia's first nuclear plant will be completed in Vietnam in 2020
 Nuclear Power Coming to SE. Asia  Vietnam Building Nuclear Plant

The first active nuclear power plant in Southeast Asia will be coming to the region in 2020 amid growing demand for access to more energy. The six year construction project will be undertaken in the Ninh Thuan province of Vietnam.

The Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (VAEC) stated on Monday that the first plant will be built by Russia and a potential second construction project beginning in 2015 could be given to a Japanese company. The announcement was made at the AtomExpo 2011, an event organized by the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (ROSATOM).

"The study towards nuclear energy in Vietnam began 30 years ago, but was put on hold due to the Chernobyl Crisis in Russia in 1986,” said Tran Chi Thank of the VAEC “But the project was finally approved in 2009.”

Thank said the biggest challenge for Vietnam was the country’s lack of professionals with experience in the nuclear energy industry. To help solve this problem the Vietnamese government has been working closely with Russian nuclear institutes to help train the plant’s future staffers. Russia has a long history of working with other governments on the construction and operation of nuclear power plants.

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This latest plant is part of a growing trend in Southeast Asia for the construction of more nuclear power plants. Construction of the plant in Ninh Thuan will break ground two years after the Roopur Nuclear Power Project in nearby Bangladesh wraps up.

Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines all have also declared their intention to build nuclear power plants to meet growing demands from their citizens.

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