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Illinois Releases $600,000 for Road Construction

State of Illinois grants $600,000 for road construction projects in Naperville
 Illinois Governor Pat Quinn  Illinois funds road construction

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS -- Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced yesterday that the state government would be releasing $100 million for local cities, counties, and towns.

Included in that would be $600,000 for road and transportation construction projects in Naperville. The money will primarily be spent on street repair and renovation, including resurfacing, road patching, and general maintenance.

This will be the second of five annual installments that are part of Illinois’ massive state capital construction program. Naperville’s government officials were very pleased with the release of funding after being concerned that budget delays would lead to a freeze in all projects right as the peak construction season is starting.

“It went really well,” said Naperville Mayor A. George Pradel. “This is going to create a lot of jobs according to the governor, and that’s what we really need.”

Governor Quin said that the money could now be released after Illinois legislators passed a bill on Wednesday to fund the capital program for the fiscal year beginning on July 1. The funding was delayed as lawmakers argued over how best to address Illinois’ budget deficit.

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The Illinois Legislature had been in a stalemate as Senate Democrats tried to inject hundreds of millions of dollars of additional spending into an already bloated state budget. The debate over the state’s budget was left untouched when the legislature ended its spring session three weeks ago, but has since been resolved after Senate Democrats announced last week that they would drop their demands for increased spending.

“The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is very pleased at the bipartisan action by the House and Senate,” said John Schmitt, president and CEO of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. “We felt any delay in the summer construction season was untenable, a crisis has been averted.”

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