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Neighbors fed up over construction of Tyra Banks' home

Host of America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks in hot water with her new neighbors
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As the host of two hit TV shows and one of the world's most popular Supermodels, Tyra Banks is used to getting her way. But the construction of her dream home has become a nightmare for her new neighbors.

The host of America’s Next Top Model and the Tyra Show's new luxury home at Riverhouse in Battery Park City, New York is six months behind schedule and has become a huge nuisance for everyone else in her building.

The multimillion-dollar condo will be comprised of four existing apartments merged together to form one giant duplex on the 22nd and 23rd floors of the luxury tower.

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Neighbors in the surrounding area say they have been subjected to a full year of loud construction and have even resorted to calling the police on Tyra Banks over noise complaints a full nine months ago. The project was supposed to be completed back in October and has set the Supermodel back an estimated $10 million.

“It’s like being on the street where you hear them drilling concrete, but indoors,” one fed up resident complained to the New York Post.

Representatives at the Riverhouse Tower say the construction project is very near completion, and Tyra Banks was seen this past Monday walking into the building carrying moving boxes. This comes too little too late for most of the reality TV star's neighbors.

Some have even gone so far as to request as much as $100,000 in compensation for their troubles.

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