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Orlando's Amway Arena Imploded

The famous O-Rena complex was brought to the ground in the City's biggest demolition project since 1991
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 Oh, Rena!

What goes up, must come down – so why not make it fun to watch?

That seems to be the motto of Dykon Blasting Corp., the demolition firm in charge of the massive implosion of Orlando’s Amway Arena on Sunday. After packing over 500 pounds of dynamite charges throughout the complex, experts set off a series of impressive explosion that reduced the former home of the Orlando Magic to a pile of rubble in seconds.

Demolition crews had considered a slightly less exhilarating takedown of the arena because of important underground water pipes, but after probable public outcry, the firm decided to pad the area above the piping and proceed with a traditional implosion method, with blasts offset as to prevent a damaging air blast from forming and exploding windows on nearby buildings.


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The O-Rena, as it was affectionately termed, cost nearly $102 million to build, but served the city for over two decades. Its blasted innards will be recycled into the City’s upcoming Creative Village, a 68-acre site set to house tech startups as well as educational and residential facilities.

The demolition team smartly used shock tubes and detonation cord – as opposed to traditional electrical detonators – to reduce the risk of one of the region’s lightning storms from kicking off the show early. Check out the free fall below.

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