VIDEO: US firefighters rescue construction worker from massive blaze in Houston

The dramatic moment when firemen pulled an unamed worker from a huge fire at the AIG Campus in Houston, Texas using a mounted ladder, with seconds to spare

Three injured in Boston construction accident

Fire officials said that a dead load fell from the 12th floor of the Chinatown building, causing a pancake collapse effect from the twelfth floor to the fifth, injuring three workers, one seriously

CFO Duncan Magrath discusses Balfour's 2013 results

Duncan Magrath, Balfour Beatty's Chief Financial Officer discusses the Group's 2013 full-year results

An introduction to Google Glass

The much talked about Google Glass is beginning to work its way into many areas of society with the construction sector also set to benefit

The algae-powered building

When the algae in the mounted bioreactor facade of the building in Hamburg grows, it will be harvested and turned into biofuel to supply the required energy

Climbing the Shanghai Tower

When Russian blogger Raskalov and a friend set out to conquer the world's second tallest building, the Shanghai Tower, the results were spectacular

America's tallest hotel construction time lapse

Documented by a high definition megapixel construction camera, 27 months of progress on the 68-storey Marriott is shown in an action-packed 60 seconds

Corruption and crime in Australian construction report

Journalist Nick McKenzie says corruption and organised crime is entrenched in the Australian construction industry

High-rise flat demolition time-lapse

The video shows the demolition of the 50 year-old Lenton flats in Nottingham by a high-reach excavator as part of the area's transformation

San Francisco to Oakland Bay Bridge construction

A near five-year time-lapse video of the construction of the San Francisco to Oakland Bay bridge complex, which re-opened in September 2013 after extensive repair works
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